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TikToker Pinky Patel Hopes to Take Her Comedy to the Stage Soon

August 12th, 2021

Before TikToker Pinky Patel posts another video, she has a big rule: "If I laugh out loud genuinely, then I'll post it. Otherwise, I don't post it at all."

"I don't keep drafts because I'm like if I didn't laugh today, I'm not going to laugh tomorrow," she says of her content. "It's not like a different state of mind."

And that seems to have helped her in her online career. Since joining the app in October 2020, Pinky's account has grown to a following of almost four million. Her content mostly consists of her in front of her camera talking to her "priends," donning a crown and a fresh coat of chapstick, to "pinky-splain" "stupid questions" you could easily Google.

This up-and-coming TikToker took the time to talk exclusively with Distractify about her TikTok career and what else she has in store for us.

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